[EM] election-methods-list moving

Adam Tarr atarr at purdue.edu
Sun Feb 16 20:53:30 PST 2003

>I plan on going with a more standard behavior of respecting
>the sender's reply-to.  The case for the latter behavior is made here:


While I agree with the principles noted here, it's worth noting that there 
is one disadvantage to standard reply-to handling which is not 
mentioned.  That is that most people who hit "reply-to-all" are lazy and 
don't bother to erase the sender's name.  This results in the sender 
getting two copies of their message (one directly, and one through the 
list).  Once a thread gets long, you can have five or six people getting 
multiple copies of every message.  I'm on lists that work this way, and 
it's annoying, if not catastrophic.

But I do see the arguments the other way.  Either is fine by me.  Thanks 
for keeping the list up and running.


P.S.  oops, looks like I sent this to the whole list. ;)

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