[EM] Might IRV adoption be inevitable?

Venzke Kevin stepjak at yahoo.fr
Tue Feb 25 00:23:41 PST 2003

I wonder if the only reason IRV has more apparent
backing than approval or Condorcet is because it would
permit our present politicians to be elected even more
easily.  Approval and Condorcet would permit
compromise candidates to emerge and be elected.  All
IRV will do is to keep third party candidates from
affecting the election.  If you were a Republican or
Democrat politician, what's not to like about IRV? 
Whereas, the adoption of approval or Condorcet might
terminate your career.

Maybe I'm pessimistic, but I think there's no real
interest in improving on Plurality.  If you write to
legislators about IRV's defects, you might persuade
them the opposite way.  They might see that IRV would
make their jobs safer.


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