[EM] Who did you say won?

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 23 22:21:16 PST 2003

Bart wrote:

Besides, the subsequent media organization-sponsored recounts all showed
the same outcome. Bush won. Get over it.

I reply:

Is that what the mass media said? Maybe, but I heard that the facts
were different. Big-money-owned mass media sometimes aren't the best
source for reliable information about issues that are important to
their owners.

What I read and heard was that, contrary to what was claimed by the
media that you refer to, Gore would have won the count if the Supreme
court hadn't stopped it.

Aside from that, when you say "won", do you mean legitimately won?
Do you believe that Bush legitimately won if that only happened because,
even by the incomplete count, Bush only won because many Black Democrats
were turned away or barred from voting, in numbers far greater than
Bush's slim margin in that incomplete count? Some of those Black voters
were told falsely that the polls were moved. Some were told that they
were no longer registered or couldn't vote. Some were barred from voting
with the alleged justification of removing felons from the polls, though
many who were not felons were unjustifiably removed in that process.

In no sense did Bush win that election. Bush isn't legitimately president. 
An unelected nonpresident is going to use this country's
resources to commit a war crime that world opinion is overwhelmingly

Mike Ossipoff

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