[EM] Monotonic Proportional Representation System?

Alex Small asmall at physics.ucsb.edu
Sun Apr 20 13:19:02 PDT 2003

Clinton Mead said:
> Is there a monotonic proportional representation system, one that allows
>  voters to express their preferences based on individual options, not
> parties or something similar? That is, a system proportional
> representation system that matches these criteria at all times. (Except
> for maybe extreme cases, where there are more options than voters, for
> example).

For monotonic PR systems that use ranked ballots, search the list archives
for posts by Forest Simmons.  I think the title was "Condorcet-Flavored PR

For other PR systems that have people vote for individuals rather than
parties, search the archives for "Proportional Approval Voting."  At first
I thought it was rather complicated, but it's no more complicated than
STV, and arguably much simpler.

Finally, the simplest candidate-based monotonic PR system that I can think
of is cumulative voting:  If there are N seats to fill, each voter gets N
votes, which he/she can distribute among candidate in any manner.  If you
want, you can give all N votes to a single candidate.  If voters and
parties coordinate their actions, it leads to very proportional results.

I'm not suggesting that any of the methods above are necessarily the best
methods availble, but they meet the technical criteria of your query.


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