[EM] Vote Management

josh at narins.net josh at narins.net
Wed Apr 16 15:16:04 PDT 2003

Noob Question.

What do you call the "layering" of election systems in the manner used
for early 'merican Presidents (elected by the elected, 2nd level, so to

I was just daydreaming, daydreaming about everyone getting in groups of 11.

They choose 1.

Each group gets to watch the next level, to see how the person they
chose does at the next higher level, also in groups of 11.  

I had been thinking earlier about any method which might result in
_finding_ the best candidates to run, because certainly the list of
people-we-hear-about-with-a-chance couldn't include the best candidates.

Would a party that could "divine" the best candidates have a good
chance? What if the people who did the divining were quite confident
with their system?


Anything you can do, even IRV (Gore would have won with IRV?)

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