[EM] Vote Management

Olli Salmi olli.salmi at uusikaupunki.fi
Fri Apr 11 21:55:02 PDT 2003

If you use joint lists, it's possible, of course not sufficiently to 
meet your high requirements, but at least to some extent. Sweden used 
to have three levels of lists before 1951 , when they switched over 
to Sainte-Laguë.

Under STV the constituencies/districts are so small that there's not 
much chance for proportionality within parties.

Olli Salmi
At 17:04 +0100 11.4.2003, James Gilmour wrote:
>  With open lists,
>even the best of the open list systems, there is no way of securing 
>representation WITHIN the parties.  PR within a party can be at 
>least as important
>as PR among parties.  And of course, the voters can do nothing to 
>achieve PR of
>anything other than party.

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