[EM] Vote Management

Markus Schulze markus.schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Fri Apr 11 15:44:11 PDT 2003

Dear Olli,

you wrote (11 April 2003):
> OK, I get it, I think. If all the parties voted strictly along
> party lines, averaging votes wouldn't be necessary, right?

When there are only two parties and all the voters vote strictly
along party lines then vote management isn't necessary. Therefore,
vote management isn't used in Malta.

When there are more than two parties then vote management is a
useful strategy even when the voters vote strictly along party
lines. The party that uses vote management can hope to win
additional votes from the supporters of a given other party
as soon as all candidates of this given other party have been
elected resp. eliminated.

Markus Schulze

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