RP with relative margins, with Approval features

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Yes, it seems unlikely that any 1-balloting method can do better
than the better Condorcet versions (the wv versions of RP,
BeatpathWinner/CSSD, SSD, SD, PC, & Smith//PC), in terms of the standards 
for which we like Condorcet.

You wrote:

As for an intuitive understanding of
their relative importance, I'm still pretty much in the dark.

I reply:

Sure, it's a subjective matter. But, where elections are by Plurality,
you really notice people saying that they have to completely abandon
the honest candidate in order to vote for someone whom they don't
really like, in order to beat someone who is even worse. When you hear
that a lot, that will instill a strong intuitive feel for what's wrong.
So, just imagine that you reside in one of the countries that use
Plurality, and have always heard people declaring the well-funded
sleazes as the only viable candidates for whom one can vote.

You'll probably agree, then, that getting rid of the
"lesser-of-2-evils" problem is the most important standard.
(Of course someone else could validly say that another standard
is more important to them).

FBC, and the majority defensive strategy criteria, SFC, GSFC, WDSC, & SDSC 
were written to measure for the standard of getting rid of
the lesser-of-2-evils problem. They also measure for the closely
related, and popular, standard of majority rule.

The discussion of sincere Nash equilibria on EM also relates to
defensive strategy need.

Mike Ossipoff

The same
goes for the details of PR variants of most well-known procedures.

I'm hoping to participate in the discussion, one day, but right now, I'm
thinking about relurking -- what talk there is seems to be going in a
direction foreign to me.
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