[EM] Need IRV examples; voting show

Rob LeGrand honky1998 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 30 14:14:47 PST 2002

Howdy all,

I'm developing an anti-IRV, pro-Approval presentation for the Travis
County Libertarian Party's monthly Distinguished Speaker Series.  I'm
looking for the best IRV examples that show nonmonotonicity and
inconsistency.  For example, the one I plan to use for
non-reverse-symmetry is


A good example will be as simple as possible (few candidates, few
voting blocs) without seeming too unrealistic.  Any ideas for
nonmonotonicity and inconsistency?

Also, last night I stumbled across a one-hour educational special on
voting methods.  It was part of a math series called For All Practical
Purposes on the Annenberg/CPB Channel.  It used a convention of the
imaginary Replacement Party to illustrate the differences among
plurality and four ranked-ballot methods: plurality with runoff,
sequential runoff (IRV), Borda and Condorcet.  The candidates were
Mallory, Aberman, Richardson, Raupp and Valdez.  The final ballots were

18  12  10   9   4   2
Ma  Ab  Ri  Ra  Va  Va
Ra  Va  Ab  Ri  Ab  Ri
Va  Ra  Va  Va  Ra  Ra
Ri  Ri  Ra  Ab  Ri  Ab
Ab  Ma  Ma  Ma  Ma  Ma

Each candidate won under a different method.  It's a shame there was no
mention of Approval, but it was a pretty good show.

Rob LeGrand
robl at aggies.org
for Texas State Representative, District 50

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