[EM] News about ESD

Elisabeth Varin/Stephane Rouillon stephane.rouillon at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 16 07:10:50 PDT 2002

Hello EM list,

first let me invite your members which are not yet participants of the
electoral systems designers contests. There are two contests:
a single-winner contest and a legislative (multiple-winner) contest.
We repeatively elect the best method at our disposal.
Have a look at:

Next I want to inform you that a non-virtual convention of electors
will take place in Montreal soon. It is the same as having a leadership
run except that we elect an electoral system as candidate.
The modus operandi might be a little different too than with on the
ESD site. Starting with FPTP, we might recursively elect a
single-winner method. We should use the winning single-winner
method to elect the multiple-winners method in a last voting round.

Sorry for you guys, it will be in french.
I will keep you updated.


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