[EM] Why is XML perfect?

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Thanks Matt!

---my quick take on the OASIS system below--

Their system is a bit dubious.  I mean, do you want "Contact Info" (your
mailing address, Email, Tel, Fax) stored on your vote?

I don't.

What kind of (expletive deleted) vote notes whether or not the VOTER is
affiliated with the military. or which gender, or what ethnicity (as _if_
there is a way to determine that for everyone).

Another note.  The entire 2000 election would have fit in under 2.4
terabytes in my system, and that would have given California a really
manageable system.

OASIS's system looks 10 or 100 times as big per vote.

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> .... Here is a _well-formed_ (1) and _0valid (2) XML document for voting.
> Comments?

The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards 
(OASIS) has an Election Markup Language (EML) proposal written by their
and Voter Services Technical Committee  which was last updated Sept. 25 (see

http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/election/ ).  It accommodates
ballots (it lists STV as one of the recognized voting methods).

They are also suggesting some standardization of the basic terminology:  An 
"election event" consists of one or more "elections".  Each election
consists of one 
or more "contests" (different contests for the same election when electing
more than 
one candidate based on geography).  Each contest has one or more
"candidates" or 

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