re: [EM] 03/29/02 - Rob Richie Letter and Non-Monotonicity

Alex Small asmall at
Fri Mar 29 01:07:07 PST 2002

One more thing:

I can tweak those numbers considerably:

19% Bill > George > Ross
18% Bill > Ross > George
19% Ross > George > Bill
12% Ross > Bill > George
16% George > Bill > Ross
16% George > Ross > Bill

Runoff is still Bill vs. George, and George wins.  If 2% from the
Bill>George>Ross camp list their preference as Ross>Bill>George, the runoff
is Bill vs. Ross.  Bill wins.

I guess all of the setup in the previous message was needless.  Above is a
very close 3-way race with non-monotonic features.


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