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Joe Weinstein jweins123 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 27 17:14:10 PST 2002


Well said!

Joe Weinstein
Long beach CA USA

[Alex Small wrote:

"One nice thing about Approval is that a centrist who decided to take firm 
stands on issues, but side with the Dems on some issues and the GOP on 
others (e.g. fiscally conservative/socially liberal, or fiscally
liberal/socially conservative) would do quite well...  The reason I call 
that a nice thing is NOT my own bias [but] the chance to (a) mix-and-match 
issues, resulting in more freedom of choice, and (b) break away from the 
left-right spectrum.

If most candidates conform to one of two molds, it's easy to get
polarization and acrimony... You get those cable news channels where they 
bring in a liberal and conservative to shout at one another ... You get 
lowest-common-denominator policy rather than best-of-both-worlds policy.

If I can predict most people's stance on a tax proposal based on what they 
think of abortion, it signals that there's really very little discussion or 
thought in America, because the lines have been drawn.

A system that helped candidates who mix-and-match issues from the two
traditional camps might bring in truly new and innovative ideas.  I truly 
believe that America would be a better place if we could just break the 
duopoly and bring in fresh new ideas, or at least innovative combinations of 
old ideas."]

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