[EM] Lewis Carroll and limited vote

Olli Salmi olli.salmi at uusikaupunki.fi
Wed Mar 27 11:27:50 PST 2002

At 17:55 +0200 26.3.2002, Michael Rouse wrote:
>3.) At what point does limiting the vote maximize the "democratic"
>aspects -- 50% of the total seats? 75%? Or does it depend on the strength of
>the party?

Estonia has used the square root of the seats (rounded up) on the
recommendation of Rein Taagepera, professor of Social Sciences at the
University of California, who also stood for president in Estonia.


Here's another interesting paper by Taagepera:
Designing Electoral Rules and Waiting for an Electoral System to Evolve

Olli Salmi

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