A polite spelling correction

Blake Cretney blake at condorcet.org
Mon Mar 25 18:04:31 PST 2002

Anthony Simmons wrote:

>>>From: "MIKE OSSIPOFF" <nkklrp at hotmail.com>
>>>Subject: [EM] A polite spelling correction
>>>Anthony, that isn't how hilarious is spelled. I don't care
>>>if people mis-spell words. No doubt I sometimes do also.
>>>But in statements like the above, what makes the mis-
>>>spelling so hilarious is the self-referential character
>>>that it gives to the sentence that it's in
>    "When I find myself in times of troubel,
>     Mother Mery comes to me
>     Speecking werds of wisdum
>     Let it be
>        -- John Lenin
Although both got a songwriting credit, that was definately Paul MacKartney.

Blake Kretnee

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