[EM] A polite spelling correction

Narins, Josh josh.narins at lehman.com
Mon Mar 25 07:01:25 PST 2002

Actually, people are not "nauseus," they are "nauseated".

Only things like rotten eggs can be "nauseus," usually.

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Anthony said:

A challenge of wit can be
amusing. In the best of times, it can be hillarious.

I reply:

Anthony, that isn't how hilarious is spelled. I don't care if
people mis-spell words. No doubt I sometimes do also. But in
statements like the above, what makes the mis-spelling so hilarious
is the self-referential character that it gives to the sentence that
it's in.

I wouldn't have mentioned what follows, but, when sending the above,
I decided that I might as well include this too:

Anthony posted a message with the following subject line:

Subject:  [EM] Reductio ad nauseum

Anthony, that's actually nauseam. I've heard of people suffering
from nausea, but not people suffering from nauseum or nauseus. :-)

As Anthony said, these discussions can be hilarious.

Anthony, especially when sending the kind of postings that you do,
a dictionary might not be such a bad idea.

Mike Ossipoff

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