More on Gerrymander prevention

Sun Mar 24 18:57:45 PST 2002

On the down side, these polygons ignore roads, rivers, and ridges, 
communities, city limits and county lines, etc.


Still, "excellent" is better than the "godawful" method we have now.
D- Proxy P.R.-- 2 or members per district.

Each winner has a voting power in the legislative body equal to the votes 
that he/she gets.

NO need to cross/break political subdivision lines.

PPR districts can have larger numbers of voters in urban areas (now having 
circa 80 percent of the total voters) so that rural districts can be smaller 
in size (with less voting powers of their district winners of course).

The polygons idea is of use for various executive and judicial activities 
(and for private businesses, of course).

Regarding the current "godawful" method (aka computerized gerrymanders) --- 
it has produced the ultra-dangerous situation in U.S.A. heading rather 
plainly towards Civil War II, Great Depression II and/or World War III --- 
i.e. one of these days a gerrymander leftwing/ rightwing minority rule oligar
chy will pass THE law which causes a *MAJOR* reaction.

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