[EM] A preferential, totally proportional electoral system

Joe Weinstein jweins123 at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 23 18:49:06 PST 2002

Dear Ms. Rouillon,

Your postings make claims about the advantages of your method and also 
answer questions which some people are claimed to have had about it.

Well, maybe I'm the only one, but despite my PhD degree (or maybe because of 
it) I don't get the point of these postings.

In order to make any sense of your postings, I need to know what your method 
(or, as you sometimes call it, 'model')  IS.  (Exactly how can voters mark 
ballots, how are the marked ballots evaluated to produce winners - and for 
what sorts of contests?)

So please post a clear explanation of what your method IS, preferably both 
in summary and then in definitive detail.

Maybe you did do this, but I am totally baffled as to where and how.


Joe Weinstein
Long Beach CA USA

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