More on Gerrymander prevention

Thu Mar 21 12:59:52 PST 2002

Mr. Weinstein wrote in part-

    For this reason of relative ease of communication, at least near long 
high mountain ranges like the Andes or the Sierra Nevada, a long skinny (and 
maybe a bit twisted) Chile-like or Owens-Valley-like district may be 
precisely what one needs.
D- Each district [in a multi-member district proxy p.r. system] shall consist 
of 1 or more political subdivisions or part of 1 subdivision and, nearly as 
possible, be square.

Some rational revising of political subdivision boundaries to conform with 
Mother Nature (mountains, large rivers, etc.) is long overdue in the U.S.A.

Generally major changes only happen with major crises -- such as the revising 
of political subdivisions in post 1789 French revolution or post- World War 
II Germany, etc.

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