WSJ Gerrymander story

Tue Mar 19 13:43:37 PST 2002

With Proxy P.R. there can be some sort of semi-permanent districts -- 1 or 
more political subdivisions or part of 1 subdivision.

Proxy P.R. = Each winner has a voting power in the legislative body equal to 
the number of votes that he/she finally receives (directly and from losers).

At least 2 winners in each district.


rural districts can have a below average number of voters.

urban districts can have an above average number of voters.

There is also the slice idea.

Put a rectangle around the area.  Slice the rectangle across the longest axis.

Slice each of the new rectangles along their longest axis.

Adjust for an odd or even number of districts.

End result -- rectangular districts.

Adjust for nature of boundaries of political subdivisions -- north, south, 
east, west, irregular.

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