[EM] NYTimes.com Article: French Twist: A Fair Way to Pick Oscars?

Steve Barney barnes992001 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 19 06:58:40 PST 2002

Well, one thing you always can do is to write a letter to the editor pointing
out their errors, and embarass the paper in public. You need to do this almost
immediately, as there is a general rule of journalistic ethics regarding the
publication of such correctional letters in a timely manner. Ideally, the
correction is made by a subject of the article, but not necessarily.

As for prevention, besides embarrassing them after the fact, perhaps you simply
can stay in close contact with the editor until it is published. Give them a
phone call after submitting it, and tell them about your editing concerns.


--- In election-methods-list at y..., Forest Simmons <fsimmons at p...> wrote:
> This Rick Lyman got the whole thing garbled.
> Steven Abrams sent me a copy of the article that he and Paul Hager
> co-authored.  It looks like this Lyman character thought he could improve
> on it.  In the process he messed it up, claiming that Condorcet invented
> Approval, that Hager co-authored the book (instead of the article) , etc.
> From my experience this is pretty typical of journalists that think that
> they can edit content without knowing diddley about the content.
> Don't be surprised if this happens to your best efforts, too.  If anybody
> knows an effective defense against this problem, please let me in on it.
> Forest

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