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You might want to form a front group first ;)

My friend almost had a letter to the editor published in the NY Times.

They called him, asked if was associated with any groups, had any
credentials. He said no. They didn't publish.


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>> First, thanks for the favorable comments on the essay.  I
>> give anybody on this list carte blanche to send it (with
>> attribution) to newspapers in Alaska, or any other place
>> with IRV initiatives.  Or, tell me what the paper is and
>> I'll send it, if they don't accept second-hand stuff.

It's a little long for a letter, and short for a column.  As
I recall, you said it was intended as a brochure, and that's
how it reads.  For a newspaper, you might expand it to a
column, ca. 700-800 words, and make the style a bit more

You'd probably do better sending the piece to the paper
yourself, as there's always the question of ownership, and
you would likely be asked to give permission for an editorial
to be posted on the web.

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