[EM] Approval Voting Op-Ed material

Anthony Simmons bbadonov at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 17 23:26:51 PST 2002

>> From: Alex Small <asmall at physics.ucsb.edu>
>> Subject: [EM] Approval Voting Op-Ed material

>> As per Anthony's advice, I expanded the pro-AV essay to
>> 800 words, more appropriate for an op-ed.  I tried to trim
>> it to serve as a letter, but I couldn't decide what to
>> trim.  I flesh out a few points, and also critique IRV.

>> If anybody comes up with the contact info of newspapers in
>> areas with IRV ballot initiatives (e.g. Alaska) send me
>> the contact info and I'll submit it.  For that matter,
>> send it to the whole list, since I'm sure plenty of people
>> here have some good material on their hard drives.

Well done.  I like the new critique of IRV; it kind of wanted
to be there.

Media contacts are easy now, thanks to the Internet.  Once
you get started, lists lead to more lists.  And of course,
every municipal library has a pointer to similar resources.
Some starting leads:  (some could have gone south since the
last time I looked; that's the nature of links)


    The lobby of the Internet Public Library, which has links
    to just about every general newspaper on the Internet
    (and not many newspapers aren't on the Internet these
    days).  Follow the link and look up the contact on the
    web site.  Also has a magazine section and online texts,
    too.  Fantastic place.


    AJR NewsLink -- huge lists of newspapers, magazines and
    other stuff


    Newspapers Online -- lists, plus links to other lists.


    Newspaper Association of America -- Newspaper Links --
    huge list of US papers, by state


    AcqWeb's Directory of Journals, Newsletters and Listserv
    Archives -- short list of lists


    The Ultimate Collection of News Links


    The Paperboy


    List of newspapers on the net

Oh, by the way, the apostrophe is coming across as weird
characters here.  Just in case, you might want to use
low ascii characters instead, for submission to an editor.

>> Here it is:


>> By Alex Small

>> Every election cycle many Americans lament the lack of a
>> strong third party.  Some say that the two parties are
>> corrupt.  Others don^Òt fit in with either party, perhaps
>> being conservative on economic issues and liberal on
>> social issues.  Whatever their reasons, many Americans
>> want more options.


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