The History of Apportionment

Wed Mar 13 22:12:38 PST 2002

josh.narins wrote in part-

In 1941, the NAS got back to Congress with five possible solutions. Congress

didn't take long in deciding that the "Method of the Harmonic Mean" was

fairest (2), and we've been using that method ever since.
D- the MHM is also called the Method of Equal Proportions.

MHM/ MEP tries to get the Population/Seat ratios the same for each State.

Example  2 States A and B

PA/SA  versus PB/SB

The A or B State gets the next seat so at to get the 

PA/SA /  PB/SB  ratio closer to 1 (after each State gets the 1 seat minimum)

The remedy to get exact representation is proxy p.r.--

each winner (in multi-member districts) has a voting power in the legislative 
body equal to the number of final votes he/she receives.

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