Saari's Basic Argument

Steve Barney barnes992001 at
Sat Mar 9 20:10:30 PST 2002


I would guess that you have not read the book. It appears that you have found
yourself a convenient way of sparing yourself the labor of finding out what
Saari actually has to say about the majority criterion. Could it be that the
majority criterion is appropriate only in the case of 2 candidates? Is that
completely beyond the realm of possibility, or is it a "foregone conclusion"
(defined by by _Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary_ as "a conclusion that
has preceded argument or examination")?


--- In election-methods-list at y..., DEMOREP1 at a... wrote:
> D- Cancelling out votes that are part of a majority (when there are 3 or more

> choices) is highly improper (and simplistic).  
> Thus -- Saari is full of hot air on the subject.

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