[EM] Re: IRV wins big in SF & Vermont

DEMOREP1 at aol.com DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Sat Mar 9 01:40:16 PST 2002

Mr. Ossipoff wrote in part-

Here are some things that I'd check for [if IRV is used]:

1. A result that, when published, would show some people reason to
   regret that they didn't bury their favorite by ranking a compromise
   over him.
2. A violation of Monotonicity or Participation
3. A result in which a voted CW, a BeatsAll candidate, loses--
   especially if s/he is also the voted favorite of the most people.
4. An extreme majority-rule violation
5. A violation of Consistency.
6. A violation of Heritage or Regularity
D- Something to watch for (even by John/Mary Q. Citizens-VoterS) ------ the 
election of Hitler or Stalin clones via IRV (with their fictional extremist 
*mandates).  As to 3 -- see my standard Hitler-Stalin-Washington example.

The IRV folks may have set back electoral reform for decades when such HSW 
example becomes too obvious.

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