IRV wins big in SF and Vermont

Rob LeGrand honky1998 at
Thu Mar 7 14:53:17 PST 2002

Doug wrote:
> Where can I find a good tutorial on ranked pairs (margins) and ranked 
> pairs (weighted votes)?  I've seen much discussion about this lately, 
> but am not too familiar.

You can think of pairwise methods as having two steps: compiling the pairwise
matrix given the ranked votes and choosing the winner given the pairwise
matrix.  Margins and winning-votes are two proposed procedures for the first
step.  There are many proposed procedures for the second step, including what I
call Schulze and Tideman.  My favorite combination is Schulze(margins), what
Blake used to call Path Voting.  Blake now argues for Tideman(margins), which
is usually called Ranked Pairs.  Mike Ossipoff promotes Cloneproof SSD, which
is equivalent to Schulze(winning-votes); Markus Schulze's method is
Schulze(win-tie-votes).  I believe Steve Eppley preferred

My page has brief descriptions
of many possibilities for the second step, including Schulze and Tideman.  My
voting calculator at
implicitly uses margins for the first step, though no reference is made to the
term.  Check out ,
Blake's excellent Ranked Pairs site, for more detailed RP information and

I'm sorry to hear of IRV successes.  The public might have to learn the truth
about IRV the hard way.  Oh, why can't they see the near-perfection of
Approval?  It's beautiful in its simplicity.

Rob LeGrand
honky98 at

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