[EM] Observations of a poll worker

Jurij Toplak jure.toplak at uni-mb.si
Wed Mar 6 13:24:46 PST 2002

> The voter lists were well-maintained.  We issued only 3 provisional
> ballots, and those were for people who lost their absentee ballots.  We
> don't check ID (against the law) but since we keep track of who already
> voted (we have a list of all registered voters) anybody posing as another
> voter would be detected if the actual person tried to vote that same day.

Why is ID checking against the law?! And, what happens if someone comes and
votes under my name and then I come to vote? They don't let me vote?! And
they don't know who was voting instead of me and how he voted. That means
that his vote still counts and mine does not. I find that quite strange.

> I encourage everybody hear to vote whenever there are elections in your
> area, and volunteer at the polls.

So you volunteer at the polls? Does that mean that you do not get paid? Is
that the practise in whole US?



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