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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 30 23:00:01 PST 2002

Rob L. wrote:

Mike, have you ever asked them about whether their strategy decision was
based on? If it was an actual election gone sour, that would be very,
very valuable information. Actually, any information (such as big party
FUD, school lessons, etc) would be very valuable to know.

I reply:

No, but one of those Australians said that voters explain their
strategy by saying that they don't want to waste their vote.
That may have been Craig Layton who said that.

I believe it was Craig Layton, a member or former member of this
list, who told me that the favorite-burying voters aren't doing that
because they know the details of how IRV can make them regret not
burying their favorite. But they sense that it can, and they're right.

We have all the ingredients required by a lesser-of-2-evils problem:
IRV will often make voters sorry that they didn't bury their favorite.
Voters sense that, and so they bury their favorite, even if they
don't know the exact details of how it can happen.

Mike Ossipoff

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