[EM] 03/29/02 - They're Going!! Mike and Craig are soon to be gone:

Donald Davison donald at mich.com
Thu Mar 28 05:19:05 PST 2002

03/29/02 - They're Going!!  Mike and Craig are soon to be gone:

Craig Carey wrote:  "He. I am unsubscribing from the this list.  I could
reply to any replies, and perhaps even re-subscribe."

Hi, Donald here, are you quoting Mike Ossipoff?  Is he threatening to
unsubscribe again?  Those words look like Mike's usual Swan Song, like when
he threaten to unsubscribe last year.  I cannot tell you if he did in fact
unsubscribe last year, he may still be saying his goodbyes.

If he did unsubscribe, he must have came back quickly, for I did not notice
him being gone for any length of time.  Mike must like `Quickies'.

If he only had a quickie, he got shortchanged.  He is entitled to a full
twelve months of Sabbatical Leave.  We should complain to someone, maybe to
Rob, the list owner.  Let's tell Rob that we insist that Mike be kept off
the list for the full twelve months of his Sabbatical Leave.  Mike needs
rest.  Besides, he needs time to repaint his house.  (That is not rest for
Mike what with the defective painting equipment he uses.)

I see near the end of your post that you are also threatening to
unsubscribe.  There must be some sort of virus that's going around.  Hold
on awhile, for it is getting to that time of the year when Mike threatens
to unsubscribe - his spring sex urge.  If you wait, you two could
unsubscribe at the same time and then go off together like two schoolboys
on holiday.  That would be cute, Ha Ha.

You and Mike are like two peas in a pod.  You both feel the need to make a
big deal out of leaving a list.  Most people just fade away when they
leave.  I suppose it takes all kinds.  On the other hand, Mike did get a
flowery send off from Forest last year, maybe too flowery because Mike
didn't leave, he's still here.  There's such a thing as being too nice to
some people.  (Flowery - Full of ornate or grandiloquent expressions;
highly embellished.)

Maybe Mike merely needs an `AttaBoy' now and then.  Are you also fishing
for an `AttaBoy' or a flowery send off?  Why not tell everyone that you won
the contest `For Best Improved STV Method' that you conducted on your list.
That may get you some `AttaBoys'.

Mike won't give you an AttaBoy but he would be willing to write you an
eulogy, but you would need to die first.  He would also be willijng to
arrange that for you.  Don't ever travel to California, the land of fruits
and nuts, you'll be doomed, he'll get you.  Maybe you shouldn't go off on a
schoolboy holiday with Mike less only one comes back.

AttaBoy Mike, for still having a spring sex urge.
AttaBoy Craig, for winning the STV contest.
Now you both have your AttaBoys and so there is no need for you two to
unsubscribe and spoil my fun.

Donald here,

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