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Thu Mar 7 22:47:24 PST 2002

Josh wrote:

My idea is we vote on the best election method. We first vote on what voting
method we use to to count the results of our vote to choose the best
election method. To find out which method we use to count the resulsts of
our vote to find the best method of counting the votes for our vote to find
the best voting method, we hold a vote. We can continue like this for hours,
but, I'm sure we all have better things to do.

I reply:

I agree that voting on how to vote on how to vote on
how to vote on what voting system we prefer wouldn't
be the best approach.

But we've voted on voting systems recently--I believe it was last
summer. You'll find it in the archives. To avoid the infinite
regress you descussed, we used "Voter's Choice", a procedure by
which each voter can get the benefit of whatever voting system
he considers the best. The actual count is by Approval. But rankings
and points-rating (Cardinal Ratings, "CR") ballots are collected also,
in addition to Approval ballots. Each voter designates a voting system
by which to determine the best compromise. His final Approval votes
are placed based on the assumption that his designated method has
picked the best outcome that he can get. But the voter also had the
option to designate "manual", meaning that he wanted his final
Approval votes to be placed by his own Approval ballot. So, one
designates whichever voting system one believes will do the best
job of determining the best compromise, the best outcome that one can
get, if one wants to use Voter's Choice's option for automatic
Approval vote placement.

Check last summer's archives for the election announcment, discussion,
ballots, and results.

Anyway, Approval was the winner. Nothing else even came close.

Mike Ossipoff


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