[EM] Seized by an idea - my changed views

Forest Simmons fsimmons at pcc.edu
Wed Jul 31 19:41:55 PDT 2002

I just finished reading Joe's Citizen Democracy Idea.

The argument leading up to it is sound historically, logically, and
statistically, and so it seems rather compelling to me, while the
tentative objections raised against it seem fairly easy to get around.

Another context in which a random sample is better than the whole thing: a
blood sample.  How would you like it if the doctor said, "No, a sample
isn't good enough; we need all of your blood for the lab test." ?

This example might have some application in the effort to educate the
public about the Citizen Democracy Idea.

Alex alluded to H.G. Wells.

My favorite is R.A.Lafferty's short story "Polity and Custom of the
Camiroi" which is a sequel to "Primary Education of the Camiroi" which
includes a curriculum outline for that planet's public schools.

The course called "World Government" hardly resembles the Earth courses by
the same name.  Camiroi children enrolled in that course are required to
govern a world, though not one of the first aspect worlds, for a period
of a few months.

If we ever get Citizen Democracy, our civics courses will suddenly become
extremely relevant; more like the Camiroi courses; watered down versions
will no longer suffice.  Which student will say, "I'm never going to need

Bye, bye apathy.


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