One man, one vote and Approval: Pragmatic Approach

Rob LeGrand honky1998 at
Sun Jul 28 08:50:21 PDT 2002

James Gilmour wrote:
> > I'd like to change those directions to allow voting for none, to allow for
> > the possibility that 50% approval is needed for a candidate to win.  Does
> > anyone know of a succinct way to revise that?  Does "vote for any number"
> > sound good?
> Why do you want or need to do it this way?  If you want to operate a 50%
> threshhold to fill any post, why not tie that to the
> turnout?  That surely would be  a better measure of "approval"?

Actually, I'm not too interested in the 50% threshold, but many Libertarians
are and I want to make it clear that Approval is compatible with a
none-of-the-above concept.  Tying it to the turnout would undoubtedly result
in very low Approval percentages for all candidates.  With the 50% threshold,
voting a blank ballot and not voting are no longer equivalent.

Rob LeGrand
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