[EM] To Josh, re: coin-tossing

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 17 22:31:43 PDT 2002

Josh wrote:

In numerous studies repeated at academic institutions around the world, coin
toss studies, even allowing for the highly contentious
"ignore-coin-if-you-want" option, resulted in lower test scores than for
those who actually studied.

I reply:

But did anyone say that coin-tossing would be better than, or
even as good as, studying for an exam? Or that coin-tossing would
be a better way to decide whether to vote for someone than
finding out more about that candidate? The coin-tossing was
presented as a possibility for when  one doesn't know what to do,
maybe because one hasn't bothered to find out more. It's too late
to get that information at the voting booth.

Mike Ossipoff

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