[EM] Electoral College-Pragmatic approach

Richard Moore rmoore4 at cox.net
Thu Jan 31 20:01:30 PST 2002

Bart Ingles wrote:

> Richard Moore wrote:
>>It would be harder to make people see the advantages of a new
>>method if adopting that method fails to bring those promised
>>advantages. So abolishing the EC is either a prerequisite or a
>>corequisite to getting a better method in place.
> Only if your focus is the U.S. Presidential election.

Where electoral college abolition is concerned, that is the focus.

> Any real reform
> will probably have to start at the county level anyway, at least the way
> elections are conducted in California.  CA Elections are administered at
> the county level, so cities tend to want to wait and see what the county
> will support.  And of course higher-level elections would take more work
> & resources to change.

I wasn't saying that local EM reforms should be contingent on EC abolition.
I was responding to the idea that national EM reforms should precede any
efforts at EC abolition.

 -- Richard

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