[EM] PR/STV Hybrid for multi-winner?

DEMOREP1 at aol.com DEMOREP1 at aol.com
Thu Jan 31 19:46:16 PST 2002

Adam wrote-

I consider the Open List/STV multi-winner debate to be analogous to the 
Approval/Condorcet debate in single-winner elections.  Condorcet may be 
better, but Approval is a lot simpler and you could get it implemented more 
D- For newer folks- there is also Proxy P.R. -- each winner has a voting 
power equal to the number of votes he/she finally receives.  That is ALL 
voters can have somebody represent them (but may NOT be their first choice, 
of course)

Simplest case-

2 member legislative body

Voting powers example- 

51 percent of all the votes
49 percent of all the votes

Increase the members of the legislative body, as necessary.

At some point there might be districts to avoid huge ballots.

Condorcet for the single winner case is the end case of the general case of 
electing M choices.

All combinations of ---

Test Winners versus Test Loser (Other Test Losers)

A Test Winner is a general case Condorcet Winner if he/she wins in ALL of 
his/her TW combinations.

As with single winner methods a tiebreaker (with all the standard strategy 
problems) would generally be needed.

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