[EM] World Series and EC

Adam Tarr atarr at purdue.edu
Thu Jan 31 12:24:42 PST 2002

First of all, I think you meant runs, period, not home runs.

Secondly, the argument that you need to capture many states to reflect 
broad support has been shown to be bogus in a variety of ways on this 
list.  The electoral college is arbitrary and inconsistent, it does not 
accurately advance the interests of any particular minority, and so on.  No 
need to rehash here.  I doubt you or many others really disagree.

But most importantly, I think the analogy is a poor one, because we expect 
and desire this inconsistency in baseball, and sports in general.  Not only 
is the World Series inconsistent due to the multi-game format (why not just 
play one 60 inning game over a few days?) but scoring is made erratic by 
the inning breakdown in games (why not just give a team 27 outs in a row to 
each team?)

These erratic effects are by design.  We say "may the best team win" 
because, on some level, we are aware that they may not.  This uncertainty 
is part of the excitement of sports: sports are filled with surprising 
heroes and storybook last-second wins.  This is the stuff of dreams and it 
sells tickets.

These are NOT properties I want in an election method.  I do not want any 
fringe, "Cinderella" candidate to be able to capture the presidency on "any 
given November."  I do not want to see "hope spring eternal" for the 
American Nazi party.  I want boring, predictable elections where the best 
candidate wins.


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