Consensus?: IRV vs. Primary w/Runoff

Wed Jan 30 23:23:22 PST 2002

barnes992001 at wrote-

Let me try to clarify what I meant in the previous message. First, here is a

Primary w/Runoff:
Elected candidate shall receive 50% plus one or more of the votes cast. If 
than two people are nominated, a run-off shall occur between the two people 
receive the most votes in the first round of voting if in that round one 
does not receive 50% plus one or more of the votes cast.
D- Times are rough and tough (like in 1932).

With many candidates what are the odds that Hitler and Stalin type folks will 
be the top 2 ???

The standard 3 choice example to blast IRV ---

34 HWS
33 SWH
16 WSH
16 WHS


With IRV W loses.

H beat S 50-49.

H Hitler, S Stalin, W Washington

The top 2 runoff primary is used now in 9 States (mainly southern States that 
used to be de facto one party Democratic).

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