[EM] Monotony and consistency - 3 examples

Joe Weinstein jweins123 at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 30 01:56:01 PST 2002

I've just received an EM-list copy of my original message, 'Monotony and 
consistency'.  This copy mangles the intended spacing in the tables for the 
IRV and (especially) Median examples.  In my email program, the more-or-less 
correct formats re-emerge when I try to reply to or forward the EM-list 
copy, but for insurance it may still be worth giving a narrative version of 
the Median example votes.  In Precinct P1, X gets one grade=1 and two 
grade=3 votes, and Y gets one grade=3 and two grade=2 votes.  In Precinct 
P2, X gets one grade=0 and two grade=1 votes, and Y gets one grade=2 and two 
grade=0 votes.

Joe Weinstein
Long Beach, CA USA

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