Electoral College-Pragmatic approach

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Tue Jan 29 22:13:20 PST 2002

asmall at physics.ucsb.edu wrote-

Nonetheless, there is a perception that the EC protects small states, and

that will make abolishing the EC an uphill battle.  Some uphill battles are

worth fighting, but the list of anomalous elections is small (1824, 1876,

1888, maybe 1960, and 2000).  As long as we have a 2-party system the EC

will function fine with only occasional flukes due to spoilers and/or super-

close races.

D- Each minority rule election result (making a number of votes in area A 
having more power than the same number of votes in area B) is a direct and 
total subversion of *Democracy* and sets the stage for a total destruction of 
the system and promotes oligarchy, monarchy and tyranny.

See the long history of the rot of the Roman Republic (circa 400 years) into 
the degenerate Roman Empire.

The U.S.A. is now very close to being a second Roman Empire.   The yuppie 
level of political stupidity grows day by day.

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