[EM] Question on CVD

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Tue Jan 29 20:51:58 PST 2002

I would be surprised if they actually allow much of a forum for
dissenting opinion, but I could be wrong.  I wonder how many IRV critics
it would take to make a difference there?

Alexander Small wrote:
> I've only been interested in alternative election methods for a short time,
> but it seems from my limited exposure that the largest organization devoted
> to such reforms is the Center for Voting and Democracy.  Unfortunately,
> they advocate instant runoff, and I've concluded (as have most here, I
> think) that IRV is rather undesirable compared with Approval and Condorcet.
> Do people think it's worthwhile to nonetheless pay the $15 to become a
> member of CVD and try to persuade them to change?  This is akin to when the
> NAACP director bought stock in the TV networks so he could go to
> shareholder meetings and lobby for more diverse casts on prime time shows.
> Or, do people think that joining is simply pledging support to a flawed
> election method, with little hope for changing their position?
> Alex Small

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