Markus' Econometrica reference on RB & IIAC

Tue Jan 29 09:12:11 PST 2002

Mr. Cretney wrote in part-

I am amazed by all the competing interpretations of sincere votes.  Mike 
believes that a voter implies acceptance of any candidates she ranks. 
 I, for one, believe no such acceptance is implied.  Some people believe 
that they "approve" only of a fixed number of candidates, and that a 
sincere approval vote is for exactly these candidates.  So for them, a 
particular approval ballot corresponds to a particular judgment about 
the candidates, a particular mental state.  Personally, I do not 
normally make this kind of judgment about the candidates in an election.
D-  Desired (none,1 or more) > Compromise (none,1 or more) > Unacceptable 
(none,1 or more)

Some of the earlier choices *may* be *sincere*. 

Thus, my long time mention of YES/NO votes on choices (along with number 
rankings and head to head math for the YES majority choices, if any).

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