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MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 28 19:03:20 PST 2002


I suggest that it's time for you to quit the off-topic
postings that you began. I've only been objecting to them.
Instead of asking why you keep it up, I'll just suggest that it
would be better if you weren't allowed to, with EM's voting systems
topic charter being enforced.

I admit that law in Nigeria isn't an interest of mine, but I encourage
you to resume reading about it instead of continuing to waste
archive-space here, because evidentally you badly need something to

>From your behavior so far, I suppose it would be too much to expect
you to quit now, without getting the last word in your off-topic
non-discussion. You'll reliably post whenever I do. Ok, if it
matters so much to you, you'll post one more message to EM about...
[I don't know what to call your topic]. I'm not inclined to keep
encouraging you, so I won't reply to your next one, and maybe then
you'll quit.

Mike Ossipoff

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