[EM] Re: Electoral College

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Sun Jan 27 11:55:27 PST 2002

Alexander Small wrote:
> [...]  There is the
> perception that the EC favors the GOP, and that shapes many people's
> opinions.  The split decision that I describe would disabuse the GOP of
> that illusion.  Of course, then the Dems might oppose popular elections.
> Oh, well, who knows?
> Alex Small

This perception is apparently only since the election -- before the
results were in, the expectation (as far as I could discern it from the
news outlets) was that the reverse was more likely -- that Bush might
win the popular vote and Gore the electoral.  So I wonder how long this
perception will last?  Will it really take an actual counter-example, or
will voters realize that there is no inherent advantage to either party,
especially since the split decision is only likely in very close
elections (where the probability of occurrence approaches 50%).

I agree that the EC is not a worthwhile target -- nor the question of
whether this or various other reforms would have changed the outcome of
the last, extremely close election.  More important is the impact that
various reforms would have had on the choices presented to the voters --
including third party candidates, and possibly even major party

Bart Ingles

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