The Electoral College (was Interesting use of Borda count)

Sat Jan 26 01:38:25 PST 2002

Forest wrote in part-

By the way, some states don't require their electors to vote as a block.
D-  Currently Maine and Nebraska  --- 1 Electoral Vote in each U.S. Rep 
District and 2 at large in each.

Result--  above average emphasis on the U.S. Rep. district gerrymanders in 
such States.

Discussion of one person- one vote in all States for President by the 
so-called national leaders of both so-called major parties and the various 
know-it-all pundits in the media -- apparently none.

When is the next 1860 type super-crisis election for U.S.A. President ??? 
(taking note that circa 620,000 folks died in the 1861-1865 Civil War after 
powermadness happened in 1860-1861 in the brains of various Anti-Democracy 

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