CC incompatible with Participation & Consistency

Sun Jan 20 12:50:53 PST 2002

Mr. Ossipoff wrote-

Say that before you vote, there's no BeatsAll winner, and the
circular tiebreaker picks X as the winner.

Then you & a few others add your ballots, and you all vote X over Y,
and Y over Z.
D- Partial vote counting before the polls close is a major election felony in 
most areas (due to possible ballot box stuffing or other fraud).

Thus yet another reason to have *absolute* deadlines for voting,  NO 
*partial* election results and -- obviously -- *legally* count the votes 
*legally* cast---- the situation totally screwed up by all 3 branches of the 
Florida government (legislative, executive and judicial) as noted by the U.S. 
Supremes in the Bush v. Gore case in Dec. 2000.

Obviously vote counts before the final results may be different than final 

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