[EM] When will Approval Voting defeat a majority candidate

Bart Ingles bartman at netgate.net
Sun Jan 20 11:23:40 PST 2002

No argument from me, my only point was that this particular concern
seemed moot, because almost all methods (except Borda) meet this
"first-choice majority" criterion when considering actual ballots, and
none meet it when considering sincere preferences.

So yes, I agree the emphasis is misplaced, since the criterion is
basically useless, except maybe to highlight one of Borda's little


Adam_Tarr wrote:
> [...]
> Candidate A: 1*26% = .26
> Candidate B: 1*23% + .7*(26%+51%) = .739
> Candidate C: 1*51% = .51
> And again, candidate B is clearly the winner that generated the most
> happiness in the electorate.  That should be what counts.  The fact
> that B finishes dead last in a plurality vote (and IRV for that
> matter) highlights the emphasis those methods place on first place
> votes; a misplaced emphasis in my opinion.
> -Adam Tarr
> atarr at purdue dot edu

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