Demorep's Runoff Ideas

Mon Jan 14 21:55:37 PST 2002

Forest wrote-

However, I still think the five slot grade ballot (on which each voter
grades each candidate) would be easier for the voters to fill out than the
ranked preference ballots.
D- Perhaps 4 slots -- 2 above average, 2 below average.

As usual -- ANY *real* attempted reform will get the various special interest 
gangs raving at the full moon (along with their armies of mindless attack dog 
defenders of the status quo).

Thus -- I highly question whether anything more than simple YES/NO with a 
number rank (or letter grade) can get past the current *gross* ignorance/ 
fear level in U.S.A. politics.

Head to head math may have to wait quite a while -- especially for some 
really important offices like U.S.A. President or State Governor.

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