[EM] questions about IIAC & ICC

Markus Schulze markus.schulze at alumni.tu-berlin.de
Thu Jan 10 02:58:27 PST 2002

Dear Mike,

you wrote (10 Jan 2002):
> Then your definitions of those 2 criteria don't make any
> stipulations about how people vote? They don't have to
> vote sincerely, for instance? Or, if they have to vote
> sincerely, then what definition of sincere voting is used?

Didn't we already have this discussion? Similarily I could
ask whether the monotonicity resp. consistency resp.
participation criterion presumes sincere voting, whether
this or that election method is applied to sincere voting
or how you define sincere voting.

You wrote (10 Jan 2002):
> Some of us agreed that ICC seems to work as expected when
> sincere voting is stipulated, and clones defined in terms
> of sincere preferences.

Clones are defined on the actually casted ballots. Whether
these ballots are sincere is irrelevant.

By the way: Who is "some of us"?.

Markus Schulze

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