[EM] Demorep & ballot-tampering

MIKE OSSIPOFF nkklrp at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 20 21:16:36 PST 2002

Demorep wrote:

D- Partial vote counting before the polls close is a major election felony 
most areas (due to possible ballot box stuffing or other fraud).

I reply:

Excuse me, Demorep, but did I say that someone counted the ballots
before the polls closed? What happened was that, after the polls
closed, and after the ballots were counted and the results announced,
the ballots were available on disk, as will soon be the case, if
it isn't already. Someone noticed thereby that their participation in
the election caused the election of someone whom they voted lower
than the person who'd have won if they hadn't voted.

No one opened the ballot box before the polls closed, Demorep.

Or, of course we could say that someone did. Let's say that someone
opened the ballot box before the polls closed, and again after
the polls closed, and published the results before going to jail.
That's illegal, and I don't encourage it, but its illegality doesn't
mean that we can't speak of it, as long as we don't encourage or
recommend it.

The same answer applies to your same objection in regards to

Have I put the ballot-tampering issue to rest?

Mike Ossipoff

Obviously vote counts before the final results may be different than final

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